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In life, everyone says you should do what you love and find a career that lets you express yourself. That's why we want to share with you a few personal stories about people who have pursued their passions and, at the same time, launched amazing careers in the Navy. The Navy is committed to ensuring that our future leaders and workforce are well-equipped to be successful, especially in the fields of STEM. So whether you enjoy the challenges of deciphering puzzles, the technology of video simulations or have a love of languages, the Navy could help you turn your own passions into life-changing career opportunities.

Angel Diaz

Lt. Angel Diaz is a Linguist for the Navy. He has traveled the world from Spain to Italy to the Persian Gulf helping to bridge communications and break down language barriers. His ability to speak six languages makes him an invaluable resource in bridging the gaps not only between people, but also cultures.

Jean Barnwell

Lt. Jean Barnwell is a Nuclear Engineer who works with a talented team of professionals who research, design and oversee all aspects of the nuclear reactors involved in nuclear propulsion. Her love of the physical science and engineering, and her desire to work where environmental stewardship is valued, landed her a career in the Navy.

Amy Jones

Amy Jones is living a dream career as a Cryptologic Technician. Her love of video games, mystery books and puzzles has led to an exciting job in cyber warfare aboard Navy vessels. Whether she is reaching out to a satellite in orbit or a computer in the desert, Amy's job is critical in keeping others safe.

Andrew Guerrero

Lt. Andrew Guerrero is a 17-year veteran Navy Helicopter Pilot. His knowledge of navigation and the physics of flight has been applied to serving Special Operations missions around the world.

Sean Johnson

Master Chief Johnson is a Navy SEAL. He is drawn to the physical and mental endurances that he faces every day on the job. His disciplined understanding of underwater navigation and the science behind scuba diving allows him to succeed against great odds and keep his team safe.