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With STEM-related fields projected to add over one million new jobs by 2020, it is more important than ever to ensure students are properly prepared for the future job market. Watch and share the following video with your students to help promote continued interest in STEM!

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Virtual Field Trip

Navy’s Elite STEM Workforce:
Aboard the USS Nimitz
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Watch the Virtual Field Trip On Demand to give your students an exclusive look at Navy STEM in action aboard one of the greatest aircraft carriers ever built - the USS Nimitz! With one-on-one interviews with an F-18 pilot, an aircraft maintenance officer and others, students will gain unique, personal insights into a variety of naval career paths. 

Self-Paced Module

Embark on an adventure to complete Navy STEM training through three real-world missions - at sea, in the air, and on land.

Navy STEM Challenges. 3 missions, 1 ultimate challenge. Start training now