Virtual Field Trip

Navy’s Elite STEM Workforce: Aboard the USS Nimitz
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Watch now to hear the personal stories behind some of the Navy’s elite Sailors. From an F-18 pilot to an aircraft handler, students will get an exclusive look into the lives of those who serve and defend, while living on one of the greatest aircraft carriers ever built – the USS Nimitz.

With spotlights on engineering, aviation and operations, students will gain unique insights into a variety of Navy careers with a once-in-a-lifetime look at Navy STEM in action!

Educator Companion Guide

Aircraft carriers are home  to  sophisticated technological systems and Sailors employing STEM skills to launch and recover aircraft on the open seas. Our  standards-aligned virtual field trip companion activity invites students to generate solutions to unexpected challenges experienced on an aircraft carrier and identify Navy STEM careers that match their skills, interests, and experiences.

Educator Companion Guide